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Billy Horschel shares the techniques he uses to shallow out his swing when it gets too steep. Watch Morning Drive on Golf Channel.

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“That caused the club to get too shallow; then he’d swing. the golf ball in the downswing. Slocum also said his hip turn feels steeper during the drill. Slocum’s hips turned flatly when he would slide through the ball. Slocum’s “steep.

Jeff Ritter demonstrates how a simple change in posture can flatten your golf swing!

Though his scoring was back in bounds, his swing remained all over the place. "I was too steep on one shot, too shallow on the next," he said. he has gone the other way on golf’s rankings, slipping from fourth in the world to ninth.

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Tom Brady’s game hovers between an 8 and a 10, but he’s put his swing on display at some. West Seattle Golf Course is a 1939 H. Chandler Egan design that features ravines, steep sidehills and outstanding vistas of the downtown skyline.

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Jun 1, 2009. You'll have to swing to the inside. HOOK CURES A swing plane that's too shallow makes it easy to close the clubface at impact and hit a hook. In addition to swinging on a steeper angle, players who hook the ball have to keep the face from closing. Weaken your grip. The creases between your thumbs and.

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Jan 6, 2016. Billy Horschel shares the techniques he uses to shallow out his swing when it gets too steep. Watch Morning Drive on Golf Channel.

So what is the Plane Truth? It was devised. Tom further explained: "All bad golf shots come from being too steep and narrow or too wide and shallow, being a plane truth coach we are taught drills that will make a swing steeper or.

Oct 7, 2017. While the club is much shallower at the start of the downswing, during impact the club was actually moving. 8 degrees from out to in (slicers pattern); 8 degrees down on the ball. So, a shallower shaft actually produced a steeper angle of attack and a left swing path. steep-vs-shallow. This is not to say a.

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Lately I've noticed the my downswing has become more shallow than steep, but as a result of this the flight seems not as high as if I come down steep. I gue.

Eighty percent of golfers hit slices, pulls and pull hooks because their downswing is too steep, according to Dr. Jim Suttie, a Florida-based golf instructor. Players with a steep downswing bring the club down with the shaft almost perpendicular to the ground. At impact, their club tends to move across the target line from the.

Steep vs Shallow – Drills and Cures. A swing plane that's too shallow makes it easy to close the clubface at impact and hit a hook. Golf Digest June 2009

May 7, 2014. Get a steeper backswing – posted in Instruction & Academy: For many years I'v been having problems with my backswing being too flat. The position at the top makes it hard to get a shallow downswing. Miss wise it's either a small pull with a hook, or an occasional slice from a cut and an open clubface.

Jul 23, 2017. Do you struggle to hit the centre of the clubface with most of your golf shots? Does your golf swing come down very steep and results in a lot of inconsistent shots left and right of the target? If either of these sound like you then learning to shallow out your golf swing is one of most important parts of the golf.

Jeff Ritter shares some advice on how to adjust your posture to flatten your swing plane!