Golf Swing Checklist

Golf Swing
Or, you can find a golf professional to teach you. The golf teacher saves you countless miss-steps, and speeds up your improvement, by keeping you focused. He builds proper fundamentals into your swing, and takes away mind cluttering tips and hints. About Etiquette ~ Golf is over 500 years old. It was intended to be a. ADDRESS 1. Grip—You will hit the most consistent shots with a neutral grip—your palms facing each other and perpendicular to the target line. Golf Made Simple: Eliminate Your Golf Swing Checklist Improve your game and learn from the best with Nike Golf Club. Watch tips from the pros including Rory McIlroy, Michelle Wie, and more. stays accurate with the wedge. SWING CHECKLIST Learn how Rory's swing coach, Michael Bannon , gets him tuned up.…
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