Golf Swing Like Throwing A Frisbee

Golf Swing
Oct 5, 2012. Though that was the first throw you ever learned — tossing a Frisbee around on the beach — your backhand release is now awkward and inconsistent. A golf swing also has some similarities (though reverse), in terms of getting shoulder rotation and hip involvement, and keeping upright behind the throw. I'm Clay Ballard, and I founded Top Speed Golf in 2015 to teach you the 5 pieces of the swing that deliver 95% of your results. Start improving right now! I had like three home runs, 11 RBI — I was leading the league, just on fire, about three-and-a-half weeks in. I knew the team we had, I was gonna have one heck of a year. Then April 25th, I took a swing. leagues throwing that little.…
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