Golf Swing For Left Handers

Golf Swing
Left Handed Golf - Anything Left-Handed – He has even produced a special version of his manuals for left-handed golfers. Keith has been using this method for several years and dropped from a 23 handicap to 14 (with a bit of practice as well, but it certainly helped a lot). Click here to find out more about The Simple Golf Swing. Oklahoma State's Kevin Wentworth said he never thinks about playing golf left-handed. That is, until he sees another lefty. OSU coach Mike Holder uses a mirror to watchvideo tape of Wentworth's swing. "Most courses have a third. Sep 18, 2011  · Everyone knows a wagon must be can't push a wagon.and that goes for the golf swing also! You can't push a's fundamental! Use your. Left-Handers Club membership…
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