Can Golf Swing Cause Hernia

Golf Swing
When Exercise Causes Heartburn - The New York Times – Jul 26, 2010. I used to play a lot of golf — every swing increases the intra-abdominal pressure enough to force acid up my esophagus. At night, if I slip off the wedge pillow I sleep on, I often wake up choking. I've read that there's no a no-incision operation (done through the esophagus) that will fix a hiatal hernia, the most. Can you play sports with a hernia - Can I play. assuming you are talking about an inguinal hernia. If it causes pain or. Can i play golf with a groin hernia? Groin Pain - Causes and Treatments - Verywell – Groin pain can be caused by a muscle pull, strain, tear or a hernia. Groin pain can…
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