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Golf Swing Over The Top Golf Swing Too Flat Jun 14, 2016. Special focus is given to the momentum of your club in the backswing. Momentum can either help flatten out your swing plane. Or it can cause you to get too steep and come over the top of the ball. So if you have the tendency to pull the Junk – Specialty skill camps help young athletes home in on specific aspects of their sport like pitching, throwing a football or swing. instructors to campers, the more. Spring Meadow Country C. New Jersey Section. Wall Township, NJ. View Facility. Facility. GolfCiege LLC. Northern California Section. Reno, NV. View Facility. Member. Jeff Swangim, PGA. Carolinas Section. Fletcher, NC. View Profile. Member. Neil Kirsch, PGA. Unaffiliated Section. Carmel, CA. View Profile.…
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