Golf Swing Without Turning

Golf Swing
The No-Backswing Golf Swing. The No-Backswing Swing: The Study, and What the NBS Fixes. which you can create without a backswing. The Turn Secret You Don't Know. What You Do. You're afraid of coming over the top and slicing or pulling the ball, so you hold your right shoulder back and swing. Oct 19, 2015. Want to hit the golf ball farther?. It's a surprise to few that this is one of the most common questions a golf instructor receives. No. 1 illustrates my hips moving well outside my trail leg and No. 2 a lack of much hip turn altogether. Both limit the ability for an inside-to-out swing path and ideal clubhead speed. The simplest explanation ever of the golf swing. With the help of tour player Gary Woodland,…
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